Amador Rides Volunteer Driver Program

Amador Rides is a transportation program established in 2014 designed to meet the healthcare transportation needs of Amador County residents.

The goal is to link people with no other means of transportation to a volunteer driver. We are currently recruiting volunteer drivers. Click here for Volunteer Driver Application.

Please contact Mobility Manager, April Miller at (209) 267-8142 or via email at for more information.

Amador Rides links people with no other means of transportation to volunteer drivers for health care related trips. There are no age restrictions.

An enrollment packet is used to review the transportation needs of the applicant and find the best transportation option available, including public transit and Dial-a-Ride service. Referrals may also be given to other organizations that provide transportation.

Amador Rides is currently limited to transportation for medical, dental, and mental health care needs of Amador County residents.

Amador Rides now has 2 Wheelchair accessible vans available for Volunteer drivers to use.

Participating agencies include:

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